"We must have a
borderless original
Taekwon-Do home where
members are really free
to participating in good
quality and well
organized Taekwon-Do
Seminars etc as during
Gen.Choi’s time!!! We
want to learn the
original techniques
without any changes
and we want to have

Phap Lu,
Senior Grand Master
email: bluecottageusa@bluecottagetkd.com
Tuls help us to learn strategy.
They also help us to stand our
ground. They teach us the
laws of war through the use of
Defensive and Offensive
techniques. Most importantly,
they teach us perseverance.
They are the hardest part of
our training due to not
having an occupied
opponent/partner to work
with. Never underestimate the
use of Tuls (forms/hyungs)
in your martial arts training

Michael Munyon