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The Essence of
Martial Arts Training

There are four categories in TaeKwon Do (one & only ITF Style) training !!
Pattern / Sparring / Power training / Special techniques (PSPS)

In ITF original teachings, one must practice hard on these categories to become higher level through years of excellence !!


For its incomparable reputation, one can only realize the beauty & power of the TKD patterns, Chang Hun Ryu, even if, yours truly admire other great MA martial arts forms,
such as Karate, Kook Sool, Kungfu forms, etc.
From traditional from historical, philosophical meanings of each movement,
the Tul / Pattern / Form is real essence of martial arts traditions, hence, anyone
wish to learn great martial arts, especially in TaeKwon Do - perfecting pattern is one of the best ways!!


( Full Contact, Semi Contact, Non Contact ) - One, Two, Three & Free Step Sparring, etc. Nowadays, combined training are almost mandatory,
due to new version of other styles of TaeKwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Karate,
Kung Fu, Wu Shu, Kick Boxing, and many other styles of combat fighting ..!!

Power Training ( Breaking Techniques )

Power training is very important training method, while techniques are getting better, what is the point, if no power behind any technique, power is the most ultimate
techniques, weapon of any kind of fighting arts..!!

Special Techniques

Important aspect of TaeKwon Do Training, everyone has own favorite way to improve certain techniques in TaeKwon Do, to become great warrior,
with special techniques, one can be the greatest warrior to be..!!
One must practice hard on PSPS - especially RTF training & teachings !!
But, honestly, knowing these techniques will make anyone a real master ??

Therefore, I would like to ADD certain categories
four categories are;
History / Politic / Heroes / Philosophy ( HPHP )
Do I have to remind anyone about the essence of training !?!


One must know, from the history of mankind, culture of eastern & western dynasties, wars, battles, modern day war fares, etc. especially martial arts history will become
your important guidance !!


Many irresponsible ones are claiming, who cares about politics?,
but, one must aware of martial arts politics, especially important organizations,
and who is who, unless only interested in physical aspect of fighting arts?
And how many martial arts styles out there in the Wild World of Martial Art??

Heroes <Legends>

Anyone in the martial arts training, begins with own reason, all want to be
the real hero, as if personal idol, one must overcome, accept challenges of
all kinds of adventures, without challenging, how dare anyone could reach
the highest level or even trying to teach anyone?, every warrior has own hero,
make sure teach the best heroism out of yours, firstly to yourself, and to others.


One must learn the philosophy of any culture, east & west, all become wiser and understand better meaning of the life, with philosophical insight & teaching..!!
There are great philosophers everywhere, from ancient time to modern days
& please keep up to find your best philosophy !!


GM Son Myung Soo, PhD. MA
President  RTF  - 9th Dan
Royal TaeKwon Do Federation

An old proverb says that even heaven cannot make a diligent worker poor. However, in
Taekwon-Do, diligence or intensive training alone does not produce quality techniques. On the
contrary, instructions from a false or unqualified instructor would be worse than not being
taught at all because unscientific movements not only reduce the power but require a
tremendous amount of time to correct. On the other hand, under the proper guidance of a
competent instructor, a student who trains earnestly with dedication will learn the true
techniques of Taekwon-Do in a comparatively short period of time with less effort.

Students should keep in mind the following secrets:

1) To study the theory of power thoroughly.

2) To understand the purpose and method of each movement clearly.

3) To bring the action of eyes, hands, feet and breath into one single coordinated action.

4) To choose the appropriate attacking tool for each vital spot.

5) To become familiar with the correct angle and distance for attack and defence.
6) Keep both the arms and legs bent slightly while movement is in motion.

7) All movements must begin with a backward motion with very few exceptions.
However, once the movement is in motion it should not be stopped before reaching the target.

8) To create a sine wave during the movement by utilizing the knee spring properly.

9. To exhale briefly at the moment of each blow excepting a connecting motion.
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