Defensive Tactics Program

The Munyon’s Korean Martial Arts academy offers training in Defensive Tactics.  This training includes
the Tool, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) taught to military and law enforcement personnel.  

The Defensive Tactics program trains personnel on the following:

Use and defense of weapons
Weapon techniques
Weapon retention
Building clearing/sweeps
Use of Force options
Vehicle challenges
Searching and handcuffing
Individual and team tactics
Ability to Survive and Operate (ATSO)
and more.

With approximately 20 years in the United States Air Force Security Forces, Mr. Munyon has decades
of experience in training military and law enforcement personnel.  

Mr. Munyon’s Defensive Tactics instructor and evaluator is Master Sergeant Aaron Weed, USAF,
Security Forces Training Superintendant.
Why Train under Michael Munyon?

Individual certifications/experience

30+ years training in the martial arts
Air Force Security Forces (Law Enforcement/Security Specialist) career field (Master Sergeant)
National and International Instructor certifications
Air Force “Train the Trainer” certified
Appointed as a Defensive Tactics Instructor from two different Security Forces Squadrons
Graduated the Nevada POST Academy for Corrections
Worked at Warm Springs Correctional Center, NV        
Conducted Self Defense seminars at martial arts schools     Nationally and Internationally
Partnered  with Victim Advocates (SARC) to host 50+ Women’s Self Defense Seminars
Criminal Justice Degree
Performed Bouncer/Security duties in Carson City, NV
Deployed to Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan during military campaigns
Received awards and recognition from Senior Military Leaders for Defensive Tactics programs
Trained in Less than Lethal Force such as Expandable Baton, Pepper Spray and Taser
Prior Taser Instructor
Trained in Tactical Vehicle Operations
Small arms trained (Expert)
Trained in Active Shooter
Trained in MOUT (Military Operations Urban Terrain)