Blue Cottage Taekwon-Do was developed as a study tool for enthusiasts
studying ITF style Taekwon-Do. This site contains a number of reference
sources of ITF Taekwon-Do information. It exists to help promote learning
and understanding of Taekwon-Do.  At
Blue Cottage Taekwon-Do our
mission is to maintain the integrity and the original concepts that our
founder General Choi Hong Hi intended. Our name is derived from the
founder of Taekwon-Do’s pen name,
Chang Huhn meaning Blue Cottage.  
General Choi's heart, his burden, his vision and his ideology encompasses
the Chang Huhn style. This website is a compilation of research, donations
and dedication to the art. Taekwon-Do is a living, ever-evolving system of self-
defense, artistry and moral development. Therefore this site will also be ever-
evolving. We are a family of members dedicated to learning and growing.
Our goal and purpose at
Blue Cottage Taekwon-Do is to educate the
Taekwon-Do aficionado with the most accurate information possible to
improve the students intellectual well-being. The information contained
within this website is intended for educational value only and is not
intended to replace the instruction of a qualified instructor. In the Contact
Us section, we welcome your opinions of this sight and you may send in
questions on history, technique or any other aspect of Taekwon-Do. The
answers to your questions will be researched thoroughly and sent to you
ASAP. We sincerely hope that you find this website informative and helpful.
Proud Member Of:
The following are principles that we follow as a tribute to our Taekwon-Do

Always seek truth and practice it.
Promote the highest moral character through training in
Respect and obey your parents, teachers, and seniors.
Love your country and contribute to your community.
Develop both confidence and humility.
Do your best to better yourself intellectually.
Do not hesitate to sacrifice yourself for what is right.
Do your best to develop Taekwon-Do.
Develop endurance, and be calm and humble in mind and spirit.
Remember that the ultimate purpose of Taekwon-Do is to promote both
physical and mental health
Blue Cottage Taekwon-Do is pleased to announce our alliance
with M&G Security, Inc. bringing you a safer community.
Special Thanks to all who have donated their time, recommendations and material to helpmake this site the best website source on the Chang Huhn Patterns.
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