'Let us not forget the legacy, nor the indelible impression that he has left in the lives of all
who are dedicated to the essence of the beloved art of his invention. I know my father
would command us all if we continued with the same vigor and zest which personified his
life, the promotion of Taekwon-Do worldwide'
Choi Jung Hwa

As much as our president emphasizes the correct interpretation of 'Taekwon', in its
technique, application, theory and reason. Choi Jung Hwa also places an equal if not
greater emphasis on the 'Do'. Therefore, the Moral and cultural aspects of Taekwon-Do are
addressed consistently by Choi Jung Hwa, so that all demonstrate and understand the
ethical qualities required to hold any position within Taekwon-Do, particularly those of
seniority and authority.

'I hope that people delve more diligently into the moral culture and morality because that is
what Taekwon-Do stands for'
Choi Jung Hwa

'We only want to pursue our martial arts goal and will continue to contribute for the benefit
of society, not for a handful of athletes, or for the glory of one country'
Choi Jung Hwa
President Choi Jung Hwa
During the 50th anniversary banquet of Taekwon-do on April 10th 2005 in Atlantic City, Master Choi Jung Hwa was officially
promoted to the title of Grandmaster. Master Robert Wheatley, president of the ITF promotions committee, announced that
the committee had promoted Master Choi Jung Hwa to 9th degree.
The announcement was made with absolute support of the board members, Masters, and organization members.

In an emotional speech, the surprised and humble ITF president, accepted the honors of this very high degree.
Grandmaster Choi added that it is not the degree that makes the Master, but the quality that one has on the inside.

Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa, General Choi's son, was born on Cheju Island, and received his first training at 5 years of age
from General Choi himself. From 7 years old, Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa was trained by the top military Taekwondo
masters, for example the legendary Han Cha Kyo and also by Master Kong Yon Il. Grandmaster Choi was promoted to 8th
degree black belt by General Choi on May 11, 1996 in the ITF.

" Myself, I know I am blessed. I have been given Taekwon-Do as a tool to guide me through life. As a young man, my father
made me practice Tul after Tul, giving me advise as I performed each of them. No detail was left unchecked, no knowledge
was considered too irrelevant to pass on. When he sensed a lack of enthusiasm, he said the things that old men say to
young men that young men simply think of as silly things that are said by past generations. “Perform Tul and you will never
be alone” or “training will provide you with all the guidance you need”. For love of my father, I focused my mind and carried
out the exercises. As I matured my mind was forced to develop a sense of focus that would allow me to digest all the
information being passed onto me. Now my father is gone, yet when I perform Chon-ji and my mind arrives at that place of
serenity, I can hear his voice, not as a memory but as an audible sound. I can hear the sounds of my childhood home, the
unique echo of our Dojang with each breath or footstep. When I perform Tul, I feel my brothers and sisters world-wide
moving in unison, I am not alone. When I perform Tul, I hear my father voice guiding me as if he were standing next to me. I
hear his words of advise given at the most appropriate times as if he knows my troubles and is responding to them. I am
blessed as are all practitioners who can put their hands on their heart and say they train in earnest and with pure intentions.
This year of luck and fortune should help us arrive at the notion that those who are blessed with good conscience will be
blessed with all the luck they need."

Choi, Jung Hwa
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to help make this site the best website source on the Chang Huhn Patterns.
Choi Jung Hwa was born on Cheju Island, Korea in 1954. His
earliest recollections of training are around 6 years of age,
shortly before General Choi's hectic schedule and diligent work
in spreading Taekwon-Do globally. Constantly surrounded by
visiting high- ranking instructors, Choi Jung Hwa trained with
many instructors during this period.

He served many years on the ITF Board, accompanying his Father
throughout seminars across the world and later conducting many
International Seminars in his own rite. Choi Jung Hwa has
impressed those who he has trained alongside with his skill
within the art, but more importantly, as a person.